Challenge Your Comfort Zone

We hear “get out of your comfort zone” all the time. But what exactly does that mean? Extraordinary people get out of their comfort zone consistently. Getting out of their comfort zone is how they overcame their fears to achieve extraordinary results.

So here’s a challenge for you to help you get comfortable outside of your comfort zone. Each day, pick one of the below challenges to try:

  1. Lie down on the ground for 30 seconds in a busy place…then get up and act like everything is cool - because it is. This challenge, made famous by Tim Ferriss is highly recommended

  2. Slow dance in public with a pretend partner.

  3. Ask the server for 50% off the next meal, coffee, or tea you buy.

  4. Dance in your car like no one is looking at a traffic light.

  5. Call 3 people that you would like to improve your relationship with and tell them how much you love/and or appreciate them.

  6. Send someone flowers for no reason.

  7. Take a 1 minute cold shower.

  8. Go to a restaurant and have dinner with a stranger or strangers

  9. Jump into a lake, river, or pool with your clothes on.

  10. Go to a car dealership and take your dream car for a test drive.

  11. Make a list of things you’ve been scared to do, randomly pick one and do it.

  12. Go to a restaurant and convince the chef to create a custom meal for you.

  13. Ask someone on a date or for coffee you’ve been scared to ask.

  14. Unplug from email, social media and your phone for 24 hours.

  15. Go to a karaoke bar and sing like you’re the best singer there is.

  16. Make a fool of yourself in public on a dance floor (no mood altering substances allowed)

  17. Make a free hugs sign, stand in a high traffic place, and give out free hugs

  18. Take a homeless person to lunch and listen to their story.

  19. Fast from TV for entire week.

  20. Live completely silent (no talking) for 24 hours.

  21. Do stand up at an amateur night.

  22. Tell a stranger your biggest fear, regret, or desire.

  23. Invite a co-worker you don’t know well to lunch to get to know them better.

  24. Spend a whole day answering the question, “How are you today?” with the response, “Outstanding! How are you?” – It’s more uncomfortable than you think.

  25. Go on a fast for two days and drink nothing but water.

What next?

Once you’ve read through the list, pick the five hardest ones. - do those first. Following those five, then complete the rest. If you really want to challenge yourself, try to do all of the challenges within a 30 day period. By the end, your life won’t be the same.

Overcoming the things that scare you, improves your mental strength and stamina. Mental agility, helps you overcome the negativity and egoic brain - seeing life with more clarity.

Do you want to take on an even bigger challenge? Encourage your friends and family to take on the challenge. As they participate, they’ll support you in your journey. Let these challenges inspire you. Each one is unique and develops a different skill.

The challenges get more fun as you go - one tip…detach yourself from the outcome. Whether you feel you succeed or not it doesn’t matter. There is no failure.

Send us your results, we’d love to hear how it goes!